Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) is one of India’s less-visited regions. But, and again like Gujarat, this compact state on the Bay of Bengal has everything you need for a genuine off-the-beaten-track Indian adventure. For starters, Odisha has 485 kilometres of coastline, much of which is still in pristine condition. Indeed, going back centuries, the region was once an important seafaring empire that had trading routes that went as far as what is now the Indonesia archipelago. Then there’s the unique temple architecture that is dotted throughout the state but most prevalent in Bhubaneswar, the region’s affable capital. Tribal culture, archaeological heritage and diverse flora and fauna are also compelling reasons to come here and when you add in the fact that Odisha sees a fraction of the visitors that say Rajasthan or Kerala does.

Lose Yourself to Divinity at Konark Sun Temple :

This 13th century temple has been acclaimed worldwide for its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings. Dedicated to Sun God, most of the parts of this temple now lie in ruins but are still worth paying a visit. Boasting of Kalinga architecture and erotic sculptures of Maithunas this temple excites history buffs and someone who enjoys photography.

Seek the Blessing from the God of Gods at Jagannath Temple :

Now, Odisha has got its fame marked by this grand Hindu temple. One of the four holy places for Hindu devotees, Jagannath Temple needs no introduction. Although a non-Hindu is prohibited from entering the temple, it is a pure delight to merely get the view of this sacred place from outside as well.

Get Amazed by the Architecture in Bhubaneswar :

Dubbed as the ‘City of Temples’, Bhubaneswar has a history that goes back to 2000 years. For the delight of history aficionados, Bhubaneswar offers a beautiful picture adorned with intricately carved temples. Today, what we see is a city that has a perfect blend of architecture from different eras. It indeed brings out the rich colour of Indian culture and makes for an ideal place to learn about the vibrant history of Odisha. Amongst the must see places in Bhubaneshwar are Lingaraja Temple, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Raja Rani Temple, Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves

Explore Rural Odisha at Raghurajpur :

Raghurajpur is an ideal destination to learn about the rural life of Odisha. No where can you see such a fine assemblage of artwork. The village has an artistic environment that exhibits the diversity of Oriya culture. It is a good platform to get acquainted with the lives of rural people and their fine art culture called Pattachitra. Craft items like palm leaf inscriptions, stone and wood carvings, papier mache, sodhai work, mural painting, wooden and cow dung toys, filigree, applique, terracotta are all created and proudly displayed here.



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The trip was a great experience. Our trip was planned for 4 days, where we travelled to Puri, Konark, Chilka and Bhubaneswar. Along with us, we also had elderly people. The experience was really nice and relaxing. Our travel agent helped us at every step of the way, whether it is choosing a great hotel, or suggesting Jain food outlets to eat, or planning the trip in a way we could enjoy. The hotel itself was excellent in itself. The food preparation was phenomenal, and coupled with great hospitality from the staff, we had a wonderful time at the locality. Thankyou Team Flybagna !

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I am not a very organised traveller sort of person, I usually prefer going with the flow, let the road surprise you kinda person and hate fixing itinerary before starting the travel itself. But my husband on the other hand, is totally opposite and more organised. we came to know about Fly bagna through a friend, so we approached them and came in contact with them. We conveyed a vague idea of what we were looking for and they came to the rescue!!! suggested some extra-ordinary home stays and unusual travel destinations worth visiting, most importantly considering our wish to explore. And made this a memorable trip. Thankyou Flybagna.

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