Northeast India is the dream destination of every traveler. Covered with the refreshing waterfalls, ancient monasteries, lush greenery, snowy mountains, and beautiful valleys northeast India is a perfect holiday destination. Northeast India tour is probably the best of traveling experience one can have in his/her life. Every travel has a northeast India tour in their bucket list. Every person who's a passionate traveler must go on the North East India trip to explore the unraveling secrets of this beautiful region of the country.

Visit Kaziranga National Park, Assam:

Assam in the North-East is truly a fairy land, and located in this land is the Kaziranga National Park or the only natural home of the endangered One-horned Rhinos in the entire world. On a visit to this wildlife protected area, spot these rare wildlife species from a close hand and make your North-East trip memorable!

Visit Mawsynram in Meghalaya :

Tucked away amidst the fascinating East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, the Mawsynram village is one of the untouched settlements in the entire North Eastern India. Well, the reason why this tiny Meghalayan hamlet made it to the record book is due to the fact that it receives the highest rainfall in the entire globe and is the wettest place on earth. A few years back, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya held the same record.

Walk over the Living Root Bridge :

Like any other states in the North Eastern corridor, Meghalaya also boasts of its untouched beauty, pristine nature and indigenous cultures. The locals of this state, not only do their best to conserve the beauty of Mother Nature, but also share a strong bond with it. And this can be seen through their love, bonding and devotion towards the Living Root Bridges. Formed naturally by the roots, branches and shoots of the trees, the locals worship these bridges and consider them as a heavenly gift from Mother Nature.

Visit the Floating Lake :

The Loktak Lake or the ‘Floating Lake’ is truly one of nature's wonders in Manipur! Located in the Manipuri city called Moirang, it is the only floating lake in the world. Not just this, it is also the home to Keibul LamJao National Park, the only floating national park in the entire world.



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Well it was a great trip to end the year and was a wonderful experience with the Northeast Tour. Everything was well planned and all the booking was done well in advance.The drivers were perfect and the coordinating team as well.Overall you can always trust Fly bagna

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