Madhya Pradesh has been aptly called the ‘Heart of India’.Extremely rich in history, culture, age-old traditions and not to forget the amazing art & craft, Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest contributors in making India a diverse country. Madhya Pradesh owes much to the reign of different dynasties over a long period of time for its rich history and majestic monuments that are the crown jewels of India.

Sanchi Stupa :

The magnificence of the Sanchi Stupa remains unmatched till date. Believed to have originated in the 3rd century BCE, the building was built it the reign of the great emperor Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty and is one of the most remarkable Buddhist monuments in the country.

Jatashankar Caves :

Offering a perfect amalgamation of spirituality and adventure, Jata Shankar Caves is a famous religious attraction in Madhya Pradesh. Comprising 108 Shiva lingams, the cave is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva hid to escape the wrath of Bhasmasur. Surrounded by serene surroundings, Jata Shankar Cave is believed to be the originating point of Jambu Dwip stream.

Rajwada :

Showcasing the architectural grandeur and royal splendour of Maratha empire, Rajwada is one of the most important tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. Built by the Holkars, Rajwada boasts of a seven-storied structure with a garden and a palace to mesmerise you with its regal ambience. Visited by numbers of tourists every day, Rajwada is renowned for its Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and serves as a splendid example of the cultural heritage of Indore.

Ralamandal :

Ralamandal is a serene destination among places to visit in Madhya Pradesh for the lovers of wildlife and nature who are looking to escape the chaos of cities. A popular weekend getaway from Indore, Ralamandal is one of the richest places, apt for exploring nature in Madhya Pradesh. Encompassing an area of more than 4 square kilometres of scenic landscapes, Ralamandal is a great place to explore various fauna and flora like a leopard, black buck, sambhar, teak, eucalyptus, babul, etc.



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