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World-class archaeological sites, spectacular desert scenery, friendly people, delicious food and guaranteed sunshine – there are plenty of reasons to visit Jordan. It is the famous view of the Treasury at Petra seen through the rock corridor of the Siq in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that sells it. Whatever your reasons for wanting to visit, Jordan is a great place for a road trip, with decent roads and cheap fuel.

Visit Petra:

Prepare to be amazed by Petra. One of the New 7 Wonders of the World, this attraction has wow modern-day visitors since the long-lost city's rediscovery by Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt more than 200 years ago. You'll need at least two days to hit all the highlights around Petra, which include more than 800 registered sites. But if you have more time, you won't be disappointed spending it here. Wandering around a city this ancient in such a well-preserved state is an experience like none other. Petra wastes no time impressing tourists. Immediately after the entrance, you'll see mysterious Djinn Blocks, imposing stone monuments whose original purpose still remains unknown, followed by the Obelisk Tomb. It's just a sample of the incredible sites to come.

Dead Sea :

Floating in the Dead Sea is a quintessential thing to do in Jordan. The lowest point on Earth accessible by road, this body of water is located at 418 meters below sea level. It practically glows an intense shade of aquamarine, a particularly striking sight next to salt encrusted rock ledges and barren red mountains in the background. You can reach the attractions in the Dead Sea region in about an hour by car from Amman. The Dead Sea is renowned for its mineral-rich water. Wellness devotees believe the water has healing properties for the skin. Don't plan to swim laps, though the Dead Sea is so dense and salient that all you can really do is float atop the surface.

Wadi Rum :

Head to the southern region of Jordan, and you'll be treated to one of the most spectacular landscapes across the globe: Wadi Rum. Also known as the Valley of the Moon, this sandstone and granite rock valley is an otherworldly experience, with towering cliffs, massive dunes, swirling archways, and caverns. It served as the set for much of the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia and was tagged a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

Wadi Mujib :

Stretching from the Desert Highway around 70 kilometers to the Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib is Jordan's answer to America's Grand Canyon. The river canyon, which is four kilometers wide and one kilometer deep, offers nature lovers the chance to explore unique scenery and see a plethora of wildlife, including Egyptian vultures, Nubian ibex, striped hyena, and the Syrian wolf.



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