From the most hospitable people to the oldest history, stunning architecture, the most desolate deserts, green mountains, islands, and many other things, slowly, travelers are realizing that Iran is the ultimate destination.

Visit Tabiat Bridge :

Nothing shows the contemporary face of Iran quite like Tabiat Bridge. Designed by a local architect Leila Araghian, the 270-metre structure is young, vibrant, and modern, just like many of those that wander it's very cool spans. Taking a sunset stroll along the bridge is a great way to get to know Iran’s capital. You’ll meet plenty of locals, both young and old, and have the opportunity to marvel at city skyline and mountain views, all the while being grateful you’re nowhere near the tangled Tehrani traffic jams below.

Bazaar of Tabriz :

One of the absolute highlights of Iran, and another of the country’s many UNESCO sites, this thousand-year-old Silk Road bazaar is a joy to get lost in. And get lost you will. With more than 5,500 shops and around seven kilometres of beautifully vaulted caravanserai, interconnected through a tangle of passageways, the Bazar-e Tabriz is the world’s largest covered marketplace. It’s also one of the oldest.

Blue Mosque :

We can only imagine how dazzling the Blue Mosque of Tabriz must have been in its heyday, before an 18th century earthquake devastated the intricate blue majolica tilework that once covered the building inside and out. While ongoing restoration is in evidence, nature’s best efforts haven’t managed to snuff out the light of this 550-year-old work of art. The tilework that remains is beautiful, and the peaceful ambience, not to mention the striking symmetry of the portico surrounding the mosque, make this a highlight of visiting Tabriz and a key stop on any Iran itinerary

Naqsh-e Jahan Square :

Nowhere is the majesty of Iran captured better than Esfahan. It’s already said by many to be the most beautiful city in all of Iran, and there are few spots in Esfahan more beautiful than Naqsh-e Jahan Square. One of the largest public squares in the world (close to 90,000 square metres!), and home to some of the most ornate mosques and palaces in Iran, Naqsh-e Jahan is a focal point for life in Esfahan. It was a place we were repeatedly drawn to during our exploration of the city.



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