The western Indian state of Gujarat is one of the subcontinent’s best-kept secrets. Bordered by Rajasthan to its northeast and Maharashtra and the metropolis of Mumbai to the south, Gujarat is often overlooked as a tourist destination, even by the keenest of Indophiles. But, with a rich culture, a multitude of things to see, both natural and manmade, plus some wonderfully atmospheric converted palaces and stately homes in which to spend the night, the country’s sixth largest state by area is unquestionably one of its most rewarding to discover.

Rann of Kutch :

Rann of Kutch is probably the most beautiful thing you will ever lay eyes on. Nestled comfortably between the endless Thar Desert and the mighty Arabian Sea, Rann of Kutch is a mesmerizing wonder of sand and salt. On full moon nights, the desert shines bright as a diamond and brings a surreal sense of calm with it. Cultural programs are held on full moon nights, tents are pitched and the wondrous land is yours for the night. Truly one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful places to see in Gujarat.

Rani ki Vav :

Rani ki Vav is one of those rare UNESCO World Heritage Sites that was built by a queen in memory of her king! Sort of like the Taj Mahal, in reverse and one of the best places to visit in Gujarat. It is an ancient step-well, from the early 11th century, which was constructed by Udayamati in memory of Bhimdev I. With stairs that can take you down seven levels, it is home to more than 1,500 sculptures. The best part about it is that it has been discovered fairly recently, since the River Saraswati had flooded it in earlier years.

Bhuj :

Bhuj is also a major tourist attraction of Gujarat. The city can trace its roots back to the early 16th century when it was an independent state. The city is famed for being home to ancient monuments, such as the Cenotaphs Complex that houses tombs of the royal family. Other places of interest in Bhuj include the Prag Mahal, a magnificent palace, and the Aina Mahal Palace, a marvelous creation with the interiors covered in mirrors. The Kutch Museum is also worth a visit, as well as Hamirsar Lake. An ancient Shiva Temple in Kera is another place to visit in Bhuj.

Modhera :

Yet another ancient gem in Gujarat is the scenic village of Modhera, which lies pleasantly storing all the spiritual vibes. Not only does the famous Sun temple add more to it, the structures, legends and relics of the medieval era post a significant yet remarkable experience for all the travelers visiting. Make sure you don’t miss out on various festivals that this place is known for such as Kuchipudi, Garba and Bharatnatyam in the Sun temple.



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