Fiji is a collection of volcanic islands spanning 1,600 kilometers in the South Pacific Ocean. There are two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and nearly 900 smaller islands and inlets. If you’re looking for privacy, chances are you’re sure to find a secluded spot somewhere in the country. While Fiji Water may be expensive, a vacation here doesn’t need to break the bank. Yes, there are pricey resorts but there are also budget guesthouses. Inexpensive accommodation and food, combined with the fact most Pacific flights include a stopover here, makes the islands an affordable and easy place to visit. I found my trip to Fiji way more affordable than I thought. If you’re looking for paradise on a budget, Fiji is it! It’s got everything you could want without the prices of Tahiti or the Cook Islands!

Bask on the beaches:

We’re sure that this idea popped into your head when you think about Fiji, with its alluring, pristine white beaches. Ah, the beaches of Fiji are truly amazing! Slap on your sunscreen and have a quiet time lazing by the beach or suntanning until the sun goes down.

Snorkel over coral reefs:

If things get a little too hot, sign up for a snorkelling session to cool off. Take a relaxing swim across Fiji’s wondrous coral reefs and peek into the underwater world below. Known around the globe for their warm, clear waters and rich marine life, Fiji will give you a snorkelling experience that is unlike no other.

Be (temporarily) marooned on an island:

Enjoy the tropical island life by getting off at one of the stops during the cruise and spending the day there! Some islands, such as Mana or Navini are perfect for those who want a short escape from civilisation, while bigger ones like Malolo and Malolo Lailai (Little Malalo) are jam-packed with aquatic activities to satisfy the thrill-seekers. Some of these islands also allow you to opt for a night’s stay, if you’re looking to escape the tourist day crowd. Depending on your preference, party-goers can expect an exciting night out at Beachcomber Island, while those with families might find Castaway Island (the same island where Tom Hanks was in Cast Away) more towards their liking!

Go skydiving:

If jumping out of a plane sounds like your idea of fun, you’re in luck! Sign up for a skydiving trip over Fiji’s islands! Not only do you get a thrilling adrenaline rush during the free fall, you’ll also be poised for an amazing view of coral reefs, clear waters and sandy beaches!



Honest client testimonials based on their personal experience on the service provided by Team Fly bagna, with all the reviews and ratings.

Joel Dsouza – November 29, 2019:

“Daniel is an outstanding guide with an abundance of experience and knowledge of kayaking, the galaxy, history and sea life. He always went over and above our expectations with his superb cooking and little surprises. We could all see his passion and enjoyment, complimenting our enjoyment. The Yasawas are an extraordinary treasure of the pacific and I appreciated the opportunity to kayak the ming blue waters, observe and swim with the prolific sea life, camp on the palm fringed beaches and meet the people who live there. It's a unique experience that will be treasured always. Thankyou Team Fly bagna”.

Rohit Sanas – February 15, 2018:

“Excellent group. Very warm welcome in the village we stayed on Nacula Island, Cave diving on Sawa I Lau was a highlight. Sleeping on remote beaches under the stars was great. My highlight was that I was able to hire a kayak after the tour for 2 days and used it to explore the nearby islands, all thanks to Team Fly bagna”

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