Chile is one of the most slender just 150 miles across at its widest point and long countries the world. From the snow-capped volcanoes of Patagonia and blistering heights of the Andes to world-class wineries and Maoi sculptures of Easter Island, there are a lot of wonderful things to see in Chile.

Torres Del Paine National:

Park One of Chile's most important natural areas and an increasingly popular travel destination is the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. Situated more than 100 kilometers north of the city of Puerto Natales in southern Patagonia, this stunningly beautiful area encompasses mountains, glaciers, and countless lakes and rivers. The most important region of the park is the Cordillera del Paine, an area that marks the transition from the Patagonia steppe to the subpolar forests of the north. Perhaps the most notable of its many wonderful features are the three 2,850-meter-tall granite peaks of the Paine Massif, which dominate this already breathtaking scenery.

Valle de la Luna and the Atacama Desert :

Valle de la Luna, which literally translates as "Valley of the Moon," lies 13 kilometers west of San Pedro de Atacama at the north end of the country, near its border with Bolivia, and can be accessed via well-marked bike trails, tour buses, or self-drive car rentals. This rugged, inhospitable looking landscape in the heart of the Atacama Desert attracts many visitors for its eerie resemblance to the surface of the moon, an effect caused by the erosion of its sand and stone features by wind and water over countless millennia. Despite its remoteness, though, this surprisingly beautiful landscape has sustained life for centuries, both human as well as that of numerous species of flora and fauna.

Easter Island:

First visited by Europeans in 1722, the magnificent yet remote Easter Island-so named by a Dutch Explorer who first set eyes on it on Easter Sunday- has been inhabited for thousands of years by Polynesians. Despite being more than 3,500 kilometers away from mainland Chile, this fascinating island with its remarkable stone sculptures remains the country's most recognizable attraction. All told, 887 of these statues, known as Moai-created by the island's early Rapa Nui population-have been identified, most of them now protected by Rapa Nui National Park.

Valle Nevado:

Once a well-kept secret, the fact that Chile is home to some of the world's best skiing is now common knowledge among skiers. By far the most popular ski area in South America, the Valle Nevado (Snowy Valley) resort region in the El Plomo foothills of the Andes is well-served by public transit from the country's capital of Santiago, located just 46 kilometers west of the slopes. Established in 1988, the ski resort covers a vast area and has grown rapidly in the time since.



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