Cambodia is a popular stop along the Southeast Asia backpacking route. The main attraction being the awe-inspiring ancient temples of Angkor Wat, located just outside of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, and is considered one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of The World. Watching the sunrise over the temples is a bucket list moment in itself! Another popular spot for travelers is the small town of Kampot, situated in southern Cambodia. The small sleepy town sits on the coast and is split by a river – so grab a kayak and explore! Known for pepper production, it’s surrounded by vast landscapes and mountains. It’s the perfect place to lay low for a few days!

Sambor Prei Kuk :

This pre-Angkorian temple site dates from the early 7th century when it was the capital of the Upper Chenla Empire. More than 100 brick temples dedicated to various Hindu gods sit within the forest here, many half-swallowed by mammoth tree roots.Archaeologically, the site is extremely important, containing some of Cambodia's oldest surviving buildings, but you don't have to be an archaeology buff to appreciate the ethereal beauty of this tree-wrapped site.

Banteay Chhmar :

For a touch of Indiana Jones-style temple exploring, you can't beat Banteay Chhmar. This mammoth temple complex sits consumed by the surrounding jungle in Cambodia's lonely northwest, providing the perfect opportunity to discover the highlights without the crowds. It was built by the 12th-century Angkorian king Jayavarman VII, and the remarkable stone reliefs along its walls are some of the most intricately detailed you'll see in the country

Koh Rong Samloem :

Just off Cambodia's south coast lies a scattering of islands just as beautiful as their Thai counterparts to the west, but much less visited. Compared to the now very developed islands of Koh Samui and Phuket, Cambodia's islands are a slice of laid-back tropical bliss, where sun and sand take center stage, and the big resorts have yet to make their mark. Of all the islands, Koh Rong Samloem is one of the most beautiful, with the long, sandy Saracen Bay home to a dozen beach hut resorts that offer a welcome respite from the world. It's really all about hammock-time here, but there's plenty of scuba diving activities on offer for the more active.

Sihanoukville Beaches :

In Kompong Som Province, Sihanoukville is a tale of two halves, with a bustling but drab central district and its shoreline area home to a vibrant beach resort. The beaches here are Cambodia's top destination for sand and sun holidays and are popular with both local and foreign tourists. There's something for every kind of beach-goer here. Sokha Beach and Independence Beach boast luxury hotels.



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