Azerbaijan is a country located in the southern part of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe. It shares a border with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and its exclave with Turkey. Due to its particular geographic location, Azerbaijan is a real blend of East and West, with a deep and intriguing history. For this reason, in my opinion, this is a particularly interesting Caucasian country.

Marvel At The Glitz And Glamour Of Baku:

The most famous Azerbaijan city by far, Baku, is Azerbaijan’s increasingly glamorous capital city. It’s a city where expensive, sleek, and modern towers rise above the preserved, traditional old city. This is where Azerbaijan’s oil-rich wealth has invested much of itself. In its short time since independence from the Soviets, it's been a city that has transformed itself from a Soviet frontier town to a regional powerhouse.

Visit Azerbaijan’s Unusual Mud Volcanoes:

Gobustan is where Azerbaijan’s Mud Volcanoes are found, a prime example of natural Azerbaijan beauty. It’s a dry, featureless landscape where oil literally can be found seeping from below ground. It’s a geologically strange area, rich in resources, and where conditions are right in certain places for bizarre mud volcanoes to form. Mounds of mud pile up and ooze onto the surface. The volcanoes can even be bathed in to take advantage of the mud’s supposed healing qualities.

Delve Into The Palace Of The Sheki Khans:

Much of the coast and the land around Baku is dry, hot, oil country. However, head to the far west and towards the border with neighboring Georgia, and things change drastically. Sheki is a beautiful, green, and verdant city nestled in the mountains, and if you visit just one of the Azerbaijan tourist cities outside of Baku, it should be Sheki.

A Relaxing Crude Oil Bath In Naftalan:

Naftalan Oil is a local crude, and it’s used exclusively to attempt to cure ailments and illnesses. It’s heated up, and patients will sit back in the oil bath and relax, but for no longer than ten minutes at a time. It’s unclear how safe this treatment really is.



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