When most people think of Austria, they think of rolling hills, skiing, Christmas markets, and The Sound of Music. And while the country does have all of this, it also has so much more! For music lovers, it’s the home of Mozart. For foodies, it’s home to the Wienerschnitzel. For outdoor lovers, you can paraglide, raft, and hike. No matter what your love is, Austria likely has something just for you.The minute you arrive, the country’s charming villages will take you by surprise and make you feel like you stepped into a Disney fairytale.

The Vienna Hofburg: Austria's Imperial Palace:

The spectacular Hofburg Palace in Vienna was for centuries the seat of Austria's monarchy, the powerful Habsburgs. Now the President conducts state business in the same rooms that once belonged to Emperor Joseph II. Nearly every Austrian ruler since 1275 ordered additions or alterations, resulting in many different architectural influences, including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Classicism. Together with its many attractive squares and gardens, the entire Hofburg complex occupies 59 acres encompassing 19 courtyards and 2,600 rooms.

Salzburg Altstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site :

As the residence of Prince Archbishops, Salzburg was a spiritual center from the earliest days of Christianity in Europe. The Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter, in the heart of the Altstadt (Old Town) was founded by St. Rupert in AD 690 and served as the residence of the Archbishops until the early 1100s. The Prince Archbishops employed some of the finest artists and architects of their times to build and decorate their churches, residences, and monasteries, and although these have been "updated" in the tastes of successive centuries, the medieval and Baroque buildings combine to form a beautiful old quarter to explore. Highlights are St. Peter's Abbey and its church, along with the beautiful cemetery and its catacombs, instantly recognizable as a filming site for The Sound of Music.

The Spanish Riding School, Vienna :

The Spanish Riding School dates back to the time of Emperor Maximilian II, the man responsible for introducing the famous Lipizzaner horses into Austria in 1562. Today, it's one of the only places where the classical style of riding preferred by aristocracy is still practiced. Viewing the famous equestrian displays in the Baroque Winter Riding School - held here since the time of Charles VI is a must when in Vienna. Built in 1735, the magnificent hall was designed for the nobility to demonstrate their riding skills. Tickets to watch these magnificent animals perform their ballet are highly sought after, so book online as far in advance as possible

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna :

Located on Vienna's outskirts, the Baroque Schönbrunn Palace was completed in the early 1700s and was later converted into a summer residence by Empress Maria Theresa. Highlights of a tour through the 40 rooms of the palace that are open to the public are the Royal apartments; the Great Gallery, with its ornate ceiling paintings; the Million Room; Maria Theresa's salon, with its carved and gilded rosewood panels; and the Hall of Mirrors, with its gold Rococo-framed mirrors. Behind the 1,441-room palace stretch 500 acres of parks and gardens, also in the 18th-century Baroque style.


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Agathya Shah – March 23, 2018:

We visited 6 countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovik Republic) in Europe and we found that Austria was the most friendly. Everyone there was so warm and inviting. Austrians also have a lot of respect for their country side. It was very clean and well kept. Our favorite Austrian city was Salzburg, where the Sound of Music was filmed. Also, just 20 minutes from Salzburg is Hitler's Eagles Nest and a very fun Salt Mine Tour with rides and slides. A must try is their Whiskey Ice Cream!!! 🖤

Vishwas Panalde – May 19, 2019:

Just been for a long weekend, what a great place. Travelling around is so easy on the trains, trams and boats. The choice of restaurants and places to visit is endless and the people are so friendly and helpful. Go there and you won't be disappointed.

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